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Collezione Ribbon
Timeless classics

Cotton, denim or linen

Our mission

Our mission is to share our infinite passion for tailoring, creating for you our best product.

Ribbon collections are born from the union between sartorial tradition and innovation that characterizes every part of the company philosophy. The precious know-how of the company, which has matured over the years, is perfectly combined with the continuous desire to strive for excellence.

The high quality of our products comes from the passion in the search for the best materials and from knowing how to work them wisely by our craftsmen.



Made in Veneto, IT

Unlike other companies that over the years have decided to bring their productions abroad to decrease the various costs, we having the made in Italy in our hearts, we made the opposite choice, that is to stay in our territory, as we believe deeply in the Italian know-how.

The timeless trousers

We do it well for you.


Ribbon tailored trousers go beyond fashions; they are timeless, refined pieces to collect.

If you have any doubts about the size or how to match them, do not hesitate to contact us in chat, our customer care is always at your disposal and our social channels are full of ideas and ideas of style.

Below is a simple size guide

and remember that
shipping and returns are free throughout Italy.


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